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As you get older, you develop (at least I think you should) your own sense of reasoning, opinions and views. They can be in line with that you were raised with or they can be completely opposite, either way they should be yours. I do think that one is more inclined to grow into themselves or be challenged if they move away from home, befriend people outside of the usual circle and see other ways of life. I grew up in a conservative Christian home and like most Christians in America, that home is Republican. It was only after living abroad and seeing through the eyes of others (even if that sight was humbling at times) that I saw that there is more to life then what I was raised with. Now, I find myself a political nomad, wedged right in the middle of two very difficult and arrogant parties with even worse followers. I see things in the Democratic party I agree with and I see things in the Republican party I agree with. I don’t think I should be called a hillbilly or an idiot when I agree with Republicans and I don’t think I should be labeled as a liberal or a red-coat if I side with Democrats. I think I should just be looked at as someone who stands in the middle and who makes their voting decisions based on whats best for the country, not whose side they think should win. 

If you’re surprised about this revelation from a former staunch Republican, don’t be. We all grow and change in life, so don’t think you’re the only one who has. Just don’t peg me as one or the other, ignorant judgments are no fun.

Thank You.

"I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand."




I have an assortment of birds outside my window feeding from the new feeder I hung last week. 

Now, off to the store to buy more feeders because this girl can be just as much as a crazy bird lady as she is a crazy cat lady.


Gardening by  aamanddacc

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Gardening by  aamanddacc


Jón and I are on day 1 of a 3 day juice cleanse. We fell off our pretty healthy semi-vegan let´s actually call it plant based diet in late October. As anybody knows, the holidays are tough, basically from Halloween-January it’s complete euphoria on the taste buds and total annihilation to your body. Moving cross country and eating out for a month didn’t help! By the time January rolled around both of us were more than ready to be clean! So, thus the rebooting juice fast followed by living healthy again. I can’t imagine it is going to be the most pleasant experience as I am fairly sure we will become well acquainted with our bathroom over the next few days….yikes…but it will be worth it, right?!?


Happy New Years

Happy New Years! (or New Years Eve for the very literal folks out there)

We don’t have any grand plans for the evening. Jón gets home early today (:-D) and we plan on ringing in 2013 with relaxation and food. We don’t know anybody yet to celebrate with aside from ourselves and after the very busy Christmas we had, we look forward to spending this evening with ourselves and our felines. 

Wishing you all a very happy new year and stay safe in your celebrations. 



So visually stunning it makes you want to cry? Must be Terrence Malick. 

My grandma took me to see Les Misérables in London when I was 16. I had heard of the book and the musical but didn’t know much about the story. My grandma though, she has always been crazy for this story. Being the typical anti-musical person that I am, I was skeptical to say the least and couldn’t wrap my head around my grandma’s determination to see the Les Mis, especially in the west end. I remember waiting outside the box office as we didn’t have tickets and grandma was working out to see what we could get. All they had left was front row, center. “We’ll take them!”, grandma said. I don’t even want to know how much they cost. That night, we had a lovely London dinner, I don’t remember what I had but I do remember that grandma had a plum duck pasta and it was delicious. Afterwards we walked to the theatre and took our seats. I asked grandma what kind of musical it was. 

"Grandma, is it a love story?"

"Yes, there’s a love story in it"

"Oh, so it’s happy?"

"No, not exactly"

"Am I going to cry?"

"Yes, we’re both going to cry. A lot."

Needless to say, a couple hours and many tears later as the curtain dropped, grandma and I turned to each other with our faces buried in tears. And that’s where my deep, deep, love affair with this spectacular story began.

It’s the only musical I can see and listen to over and over. I’m not sure if it’s the story itself or all the memories that arise with it. It marks so many decisions and futures in my life. Maybe it’s because I saw it with grandma and she and I share this love that keeps the fire burning. Maybe it’s because that was the first of many trips to London for me and that city is so dear to my heart. Maybe it’s because it’s that trip that I decided I wanted to go to school in Europe and that’s where I would meet my husband. I’m sure it’s a variety of factors, from Hugo’s inexplicable capability to capture the angst of human nature to Mackintosh’s ability to create a musical out of a piece of literature as mighty as Les Misérables.

Needless to say, I’m really excited about this movie. I’m even more excited that I get to see it with my sweet grandma. 

Tom Hooper, don’t let me down. 

P.S. People, read the book. It’s the only thing that blows the musical out of the water.